Thousands of people have shared articles referencing cannabis as a treatment for coronavirus, but some of the headlines have been misleading.

It’s true that there are several trials taking place worldwide, including in Canada, Israel and the UK, investigating whether cannabis could be useful as a treatment.

Medicinal cannabis has been shown to reduce inflammation and so could, potentially, be used to treat “cytokine storms” – the dangerous immune response sometimes seen in the sickest Covid-19 patients.

But these trials are at a very early stage, so it’s too soon to draw any conclusions about whether cannabis will prove an effective treatment against coronavirus.

One of the articles about a Canadian study has been flagged on Facebook for containing partly false information. An author of this research even told the PolitiFact website that the headline claiming cannabis may stop the virus from infecting people was “an overstatement.”

The potential for cannabis to treat various conditions has attracted particular attention in recent years, with mixed evidence.

Source : BBC News


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