Prof Jason Leitch, the Scottish government’s national clinical director, is once again answering listeners’ question on Off The Ball.

Q: Can you catch the virus from someone vaping nearby?

A: We don’t think so, but there is research being done. The person’s droplets aren’t reaching you through smoke is the considered view.

Q: What are the areas of route map advice that throw up the most questions?

A: The most questions this week were about travelling to visit family. We don’t want everyone to rush out to Loch Lomond or Portobello Beach at the same time, so we set a distinction of local travel for leisure. For seeing your family we realise there is a greater reason, so there is no guideline. We are saying ‘just try to be sensible’. We are not expecting huge journeys.

My parents live 13 miles away and, whether they like it or not, they will have to endure a visit from me in their garden when phase one begins.

Source: BBC News


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