Brazil has had the fastest-growing number of cases in the world over the past week and Brazil passed Russia Friday in total cases. It is now only behind the U.S. in number of cases.

The hardest-hit areas are São Paulo, where the mayor has said the health system could collapse in the next week or two, and the Amazon regions where health infrastructure is worse and poor indigenous communities are affected.

According to the country’s health ministry, Brazil now has 330,890 confirmed cases, an increase of 20,803 from yesterday, and 21,048 deaths — up 1,001 from a day prior. Russia has just over 326,000 cases.

President Jair Bolsonaro, already under fire for his handling of the outbreak — through he remains defiantly opposed to lockdowns and keeps pushing the unproven drug hydroxychloroquine — is now facing another political scandal that threatens his presidency.

Bolsonaro, a close ally of President Donald Trump, is furious that opponents in Congress have been asking for Bolsonaro’s phone and that of his son Carlos as part of a probe into allegations of former Minister of Justice Sergio Moro. Moro said that Bolsonaro tried to interfere in federal police investigations.

Source : ABC News


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