Denmark is accelerating its reopening by loosening border restrictions, allowing some schools to resume classes, and reopening other public spaces ahead of schedule.

The move was announced by the Danish government in a news release overnight, following hours of negotiations with parliamentary leaders.

Denmark is now starting phase 2 of reopening: This includes opening cultural activities such as museums, theaters, movie theaters, and zoos, which were previously scheduled to reopen June 8.

Starting next Monday, border restrictions will be eased to allow foreigners who own a summerhouse in Denmark to visit, as well as foreigners with a Danish partner or relative.

On Wednesday, high-school students will be allowed to return to school. Other spaces like amusement parks, adult education centers, and various recreational classes will also reopen.

To mitigate the risks of reopening, areas considered high risk — like nightclubs and pools — will remain closed.

Dip in hospitalizations: The government gave no clear explanation for the accelerated opening but the country has seen a steady decline in the number of hospitalizations due to Covid-19.

The government noted that appropriate restrictions can be reintroduced if virus transmissions begin to resurge.

Source: CNN News


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