Accusations that China is using coronavirus aid to boost its geopolitical influence and vie for global leadership are “narrow-minded,” Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC)’s spokesman Guo Weimin has said.

“The accusations that China is aggressively publicizing its foreign assistance or even vying for global leadership through providing assistance are narrow minded and simply make no sense at all,” Guo said at a news conference on Wednesday days before the CPPCC national committee’s annual conference.

He added that China is distributing aid for “the purpose of controlling the epidemic as soon as possible, and saving as many lives as possible.”

The CPPCC is China’s leading political advisory body.

Guo accused “certain politicians from the US and other countries” of politicizing the coronavirus pandemic and “stigmatizing China” adding that “these politicians are either trying to distract public attention and shift responsibilities to serve the needs of domestic politics or are spreading false information and blaming China out of ideological bias.”

The US leads a group of countries to accuse China of mishandling the coronavirus pandemic in its early stages.

On Tuesday, the World Health Organization’s member states agreed to conduct an investigation into the global handling of the pandemic.

Source: CNN News


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