Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez told CNN’s Ana Cabrera on Saturday that officials plan to enforce new social distancing guidelines in “open spaces” once Miami begins to ease lockdown restrictions.

These new guidelines include hiring 400 people to “have eyes on the basketball court on the tennis courts” and violators will get citations if they do not follow the guidelines.

“That’s the key. We have to enforce those measures of social distancing, wearing the masks, and making sure that the people are abiding by the rules. So, that is exactly the way that we are going to do it,” Gimenez said. 

The mayor added that people can play tennis, but only singles. 

As far as basketball, Gimenez said “you cannot have a contact basketball game, you can shoot your own ball at a rim with three people in half court. But you cannot have a game. You can have a game of horse. And that is about it.”

Source: CNN.News


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