Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker says that the state is currently experiencing a “surge” of Covid-19 cases, but medical facilities are prepared.

Yesterday, Baker said 55% of the total 18,200 hospital beds in the state were available. 

“People did a lot of work to make sure we would have the hospital capacity and the health care capacity that we would need to not just serve people who are dealing with Covid-19, but also to be able to take care of all the other maladies, illnesses, diseases, and issues that people face,” Baker said at a news conference today.

Baker was asked about plans to reopen the state when his executive order expires on May 4. He said that the May 4 date was based on the assumption that Massachusetts would have its surge in early April – which did not happen. 

“Any decisions we make with respect to reopening are going to require two things. Number one, the same thing that’s required almost everywhere else which is some drop in in hospitalization rates and some evidence that we are in fact over the hump with respect to the surge,” he said

“The second is putting the rules for engagement or reopening in place, which we’ll have a lot more to say about next week,” Baker added. 

Source: CNN.News


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