New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said to increase the capacity of labs, the state needs more collection mechanisms, and he will sign an executive order to authorize all independent pharmacist in the state to be collection sites for testing

There are roughly 5,000 pharmacies in New York and some larger chains have already been doing it, he said.

“Just a quick clarification, the tests at the pharmacies will be diagnostic tests, positive negative, not antibodies tests,” Cuomo said. “You will be able to go into a pharmacy and get a test, the parlance is the sample will be collected at the pharmacy, the pharmacy then sends it to a lab, the lab conducts the test.”

Cuomo said he had a great meeting with the federal government this week where a division of labor template was established for ramping up testing. 

The state will take responsibility for getting labs in their state functioning, and also regulating them, the governor said.

The federal government is taking responsibility of making sure national manufactures have the tests reagents the vials swabs and all the equipment that is needed for labs.

The state is already doing more tests per capital than any other state or country. Cuomo said.

Source: CNN.News


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