CNN’s Dan Simon and Gary Tuchman joined the coronavirus town hall from San Francisco and Georgia’s St. Simons Island.

Things were very different in the two locations.

The scene in San Francisco: “What police are looking for, is they want voluntary compliance. And I have to tell you, for the most part, they’re getting it,” Simon said. 

The city’s busiest districts and streets are very empty. People can go outside to get groceries or grab fresh air — as some were seen doing behind Simon on the city’s shoreline looking out toward the Golden Gate Bridge. 

The scene in St. Simons: Things are much different in Georgia’s beach towns, which are popular spring break destinations, according to Tuchman. 

Bars and restaurants were still open tonight. 

“The major partying will take place after 10-11 o’clock tonight. And the beaches, they are crowded,” Tuchman said. 

Tuchman said a minority of beachgoers were attempting to distance themselves, but most were not.

“It’s not just college students. There were also families, children, and I saw many people in their 70s and 80s,” he said.

Source: CNN.News


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