Three more Filipinos with COVID-19 in Singapore, Hong Kong


    Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, March 20) — Three more Filipinos in Singapore and Hong Kong have tested positive for the coronavirus disease or COVID-19, officials said Friday.

    Citing the Philippine Embassy in Singapore, the Department of Foreign Affairs said two more Filipinos in Singapore were confirmed to have the disease, bringing the total number of infected Filipinos in the Southeast Asian country to 13.

    Of the 13 cases, two have recovered.

    “The embassy is in close coordination with the Ministry of Health of Singapore and stands ready to extend assistance to the COVID-19-positive Filipino nationals as needed,” said the DFA in a statement.

    Meanwhile, the Philippine Consulate General confirmed another Filipino domestic helper in Hong Kong tested positive for the infection.

    “The Consulate General immediately spoke to her and ascertained that except for a mild cold she remains healthy and in good spirits,” the consulate’s office said in a statement. There are now two Filipinos who are positive for COVID-19 in the region.

    Singapore has 266 COVID-19 cases while Hong Kong has 167, including four deaths. More than 193,000 people worldwide have been infected.

    According to the World Health Organization, 80 percent of patients only experience “mild illness” and eventually recover. It added that 14 percent experience severe illness while five percent are critically ill.

    Source : CNN Philippines


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