The Olympic flame has arrived in Japan. And crowds were there to greet it


    A sea of people wearing face masks gathered to watch the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force’s Blue Impulse aerobatics team in Japan’s Higashimatsushima on Friday as part of the ceremony commemorating the Olympic flame’s arrival from Greece.

    The flame arrived in a scaled-down ceremony and will now make its way to Tokyo from Fukushima.

    The president of the International Olympic Committee has said the games will not be canceled but added that the games may possibly be postponed.

    Games in question: Japanese Olympic Committee (JOC) board member Kaori Yamaguchi is calling for the Tokyo Olympics to be postponed because athletes are unable to prepare adequately, she told the Nikkei newspaper.

    Yamaguchi, who won a Judo bronze medal at the Seoul Olympic Games in 1988, said she plans to raise this point at a JOC Board Meeting scheduled for March 27.

    “The Olympics should not be held in a situation people in the world can’t enjoy,” Yamaguchi said.

    Source : CNN


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