Foreigners will no longer be allowed to enter the Philippines starting from midnight on Sunday, the Department of Transport has said.

Domestic flights to and from Manila are currently suspended, school classes have been cancelled and police and army personnel are manning quarantine checkpoints and enforcing evening curfews.

The British embassy in Manila say around 200 Britons in the country are currently affected by the travel restrictions. But the Philippine government says all foreign visitors will be allowed to leave the country unimpeded.

The ruling comes after the Philippines suspended the issuance of visas and visa-free privileges worldwide.

However there are exemptions to the rule. Foreign spouses and children of Filipino nationals are exempted, as are foreign government and international organisation officials and their dependents with previously issued visas.

The suspension of visas will last until 12 April.

There are 217 confirmed cases in the country but experts believe the real number of cases is likely to be much higher.

Source: BBC News


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