Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee, said the organization is not considering canceling the quadrennial summer games in Tokyo due to the coronavirus. 

“I will not speculate, but we owe it to all the athletes, and we owe it to all the half of the world that watches the Olympics to say we are not putting the cancellation of the Games on the agenda,” Bach told The New York Times. 

He explained that the IOC is not making a decision yet because of the many question marks that remain surrounding the virus and its spread: 

“What makes this crisis so unique and so difficult to overcome is the uncertainty. Nobody today can tell you what the developments are tomorrow, what they are in one month, not to mention in more than four months. Therefore it would not be responsible in any way to set a date or take a decision right now, which would be based on the speculation about the future developments.”

Many of the world’s biggest and most profitable sports leagues have postponed, delayed or canceled major events to help combat the spread of the virus, leading some to question if the Olympics should be held. The Games are set to begin in late July.

Read more about what could happen to the Olympics CNN News


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