Question: Jackie Stephens, a 65-year-old grandmother with underlying health conditions from Idaho, wants to know how best to explain to her “timid, easily frightened” 3-year-old grandson that he can’t come into physical contact with her. 

Answer: Psychologist and author Dr. Gretchen Schmelzer recommended telling Stephens’ grandson that “right now, grandma needs a special bubble.”

“Young children can understand that there is a way to stay connected, even if they can’t be be held,” Schmelzer said, though she acknowledged it is “hard for both parties.” 

Schmelzer recommended talking and maybe reading stories to each other online through video messaging apps like Skype or Facetime. 

She added that it’s important the grandchildren “are still feeling the love.”

“There’s different ways of staying connected.” 

Source: CNN.News


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