Cruise ships are again in the spotlight after three passengers on the Ruby Princess tested positive for the coronavirus. Here’s a quick sum up of the major cruise ship liners that have been affected by the virus:

  • Diamond Princess – This was the first and most major cruise ship incident, taking place earlier in February. The alarm was sounded after a former passenger tested positive for the virus and later died. Around 600 people on the cruise ship later tested positive for the virus. The ship docked off the coast of Japan and passengers were quarantined on the ship for weeks before they were eventually allowed to disembark.
  • MS Westerdam – This cruise, which left Hong Kong on 1 February, was turned away from more than five places in Asia over coronavirus fears – despite no passengers testing negative. It was eventually allowed to dock in Cambodia, but shortly afterwards, news emerged that a passenger who disembarked had tested positive for the virus. It was later revealed that this was a false alarm.
  • Grand Princess- This cruise liner was kept off the coast of San Francisco for five days after 19 crew members and two passengers tested positive for the virus. Passengers were eventually allowed off the ship in mid-March – those requiring urgent medical care were taken to hospital. Those not needing treatment were taken into quarantine.
  • Ruby Princess – Three passengers from the Ruby Princess tested positive for the virus after thousands of passengers disembarked in central Sydney. The passengers were on a cruise from Sydney to New Zealand. However, the danger now is that passengers came off the cruise with no knowledge of the virus being on the ship – it’s highly likely that they might have walked around the city. The race is on now to contact the passengers.

Source: BBC News


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