Everyone should work from home if they can, according to stringent new measures in the UK to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Meanwhile, schools are shutting, leaving parents trying to work out how to juggle childcare and work.

For many people, homeworking will not be possible, but they still face the possibility of 14 days of self-isolation, under the guidelines announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Some changes have been made to the sick pay system given the current circumstances, which workers may need to fall back on.

Will I get paid if I need to look after my children?

When your children’s school is closed, or if you have a relative who is ill, your employer must give you time off to look after them.

But your employer is not forced to pay you unless your contract requires it.

However, many employers are allowing parents to work flexibly, to try to manage both work and childcare.

Who needs to work from home?

Everyone who can work from home should do so. That creates practical issues for employers and employees, but workers should be given clear guidance as to what that means for them.

In normal circumstances, anyone working from home should receive an assessment of their domestic workplace. Clearly, this will not be possible at present, but some rights can be made clear. For example, working hours can still be clearly defined, and staff should receive their normal pay.

Source: BBC News


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