Israel bars all foreign nationals from entering country


Israel has announced that it will immediately start barring all foreign nationals from entering the country, even if they have the ability to self-quarantine upon arrival.

The decision was announced by the Population and Immigration Authority on Wednesday with the backing of the Ministry of Health.

“Following two weeks of restricting entry to travelers who are neither citizens nor residents of the State of Israel, the Ministry of Health has recommended stricter entry prevention measures in order to halt the spread of the Coronavirus. In light of the foregoing and pursuant to the recommendations from the Ministry of Health, it has been decided that, effective today, foreign nationals who are neither citizens nor residents of Israel will not be permitted to enter the State of Israel,” a statement from the Authority said, noting that exceptions will be made for “those whose lives are based in Israel.”

The directive impacts all international crossings, so the border crossings with Jordan and Egypt are now closed to foreign nationals, as is Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion international airport.

Source : CNN


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