Filipino in Macau tests positive for COVID-19


Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, March 19)— A Filipino worker in Macau has tested positive for the coronavirus disease or COVID-19, Macau’s Novel Coronavirus Response and Coordination Centre reported. He has been identified as the 15th confirmed case in the country.

The Filipino— a 31-year-old hotel restaurant worker— is now under quarantine at a local hospital, according to a statement published Wednesday in the Macau government’s official website.

Macau authorities said the Filipino last reported for work on January 26, and went home to the country for vacation until March 15.

He then arrived back in Macau via Hong Kong on March 16, and reportedly visited a hospital the next day after showing symptoms such as fever and toothache.

“The Municipal Affairs Bureau was directed to assign a cleaning team to disinfect public areas of the patient’s residence. Further details of the 15th patient’s travel history, and of those people that might be identified as having had close contact with him since his arrival in Macao, will be disclosed in a timely manner,” the report read.

Macau has listed five new COVID-19 cases since Sunday— all are confined at the Conde S. Januário Hospital. The country’s 10 previously-confirmed patients have already been discharged.

The Philippines’ Foreign Affairs Department earlier affirmed the evacuation efforts for more than 100 Filipinos in Macau who have expressed their desire to go home due to the coronavirus scare.

Globally, the infectious disease has affected over 200,000 individuals in 156 different countries including China, the epicenter of the virus’ outbreak.

Source : CNN Philippines


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