On average, COVID-19 fatalities in Italy are happening “eight days” after patients show first symptoms, according to a report by the Italian government. The findings are based on data up to March 17 and only on the outbreak in Italy.

The document published by the Italian National Health Institute details that, on average, it takes four days from when patients show first symptoms until they are hospitalized and four more days until they die.

The median average age of Italian deceased is 80.5 years old, while the median average for those infected is 63, the report says.

Women only make up 30% of the total dead and their median average age at the time of death is higher than men, at 83.6 years old.        

The government also found that most people had two or three existing pathologies prior to being infected with the coronavirus. Among those, high blood pressure was the most common, followed by heart problems and diabetes.

As for the most common complications developed because of the virus, respiratory failure was the leading one, happening in 97.2% of the cases. Liver and heart failure were the second and third most common complications.

Source: CNN.News


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