West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin told CNN this morning that he was worried as they were waiting for the state’s first case of coronavirus because he didn’t want people to be “lulled into a false sense of security.”

The state is now reporting one case of the novel coronavirus.

Manchin said the state’s population is vulnerable because they have older people as well as people with respiratory issues and diabetes. 

“I thought it was just carnage waiting to happen, I wanted to make sure that people understood that they shouldn’t get a false sense of security,” Manchin said.

“What we did, they didn’t test, John,” Manchin said to CNN’s John Berman. “Up until a couple days ago we only had 40 tests done, now I think we are at 130 or so, but with that being said, John we have no testing, we are not prepared, people think that we are immune from this.”

Source: CNN News


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