United Airlines said tonight that it’s cutting even more domestic and international flights, following the US restrictions on travel from the UK and other European countries.

There will be a 60% schedule reduction in April. This includes cutting international flights by 85%, and flights across the US and Canada by 42%, said the airline.

United is making the cuts as it “continues to aggressively manage the impact of the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak on our employees, our customers and our business,” the airline said in a statement.

The aviation industry has been slammed by coronavirusThe pandemic has seen airlines around the world hit hard, having to cut flights due to dropping demand and a long list of international travel restrictions.

Cebu Pacific, a Philippines carrier, announced yesterday that it was suspending all flights — domestic and international — one of the most drastic measures taken so far by an airline. 

Many other airlines have, like United, slashed flights and routes. Virgin Atlantic said yesterday it is cutting 80% of its flights per day, and warned that “the aviation industry is facing unprecedented pressure.”

Source: CNN.News


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