Speaking in the House of Commons on today, United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson said a decision on the operation of the country’s schools should be expected “imminently.”

This follows Monday’s announcement of new restrictions and measures to mitigate the spread of the virus. 

“The house should expect further decisions to be taken imminently on schools and how to make sure that we square the circle both on making sure we stop the spread of the disease, but also making sure that we relieve, as much as we can, pressure on the NHS,” Johnson told lawmakers during Prime Minister’s Questions. 

Johnson also paid “tribute” to the teachers and staff who have kept “our schools going throughout this difficult crisis so far.”

Some context: On Monday, Johnson urged the public to stop all non-essential contact with others and stop all unnecessary travel as part of the government’s new measures to tackle the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK. 

Source: CNN News


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