Three Americans tourists are stuck in Peru after border closures


Three American tourists went to Lima, Peru, for a yoga retreat in the Sacred Valley at Munay Sanqo.

Now, the borders are shut, the country is under quarantine — and they’re stuck.

Lisa Kolker, one of the three friends, told CNN that their flight from Cusco to Lima had been delayed, making them miss the next connecting flight out of Peru, just before the border closed on Sunday.

The abrupt short-notice closures have left her group scrambling to find a way back home, and the next flight they were able to book isn’t until April 3.

The closures “literally all happened in the middle of the night when no one could do anything,” Kolker said. She first heard about the closures on Sunday from “a random European woman,” but a lack of information online fed confusion — it wasn’t until the next morning that they realized the seriousness of the situation.

She has reached out to the US embassy and the State Department, but hasn’t heard back yet.

What life in Peru looks like now: Jenn Moeller, one of Kolker’s friends, said when the border closures were announced, “things suddenly went into chaos.”

“Streets are being patrolled by police and militia with lots of road stops and road closures,” she told CNN. “We were allowed to walk to grocery stores and pharmacies today. We were stopped once by militia who asked for passports and where we were going.”

Source : CNN


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