CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta has one piece of advice for Americans: Act as if you’re already infected with the coronavirus.

This means not leaving the home for non-essential reasons, not having people over to socialize, and taking precautions to protect the people in close proximity with you.

“If you have to, you’ve got to act as if you might be carrying the virus,” Gupta said. “There are all these things that are within our power and we’re in this together.”

He added that he had canceled his younger daughter’s birthday party, and canceled a trip to visit his parents — difficult decisions, but ultimately things one would and should do if they were sick — and the kind of mentality that may now help protect people from the virus.

“The good news part of this is that it’s within our control to totally change the fate here — or at least, alter the fate of what’s happening here,” he said. “It’s within all of us. How I behave affects your health. How you behave affects my health. Never have we been so dependent on each other — at least not in my lifetime — and we should rise to that occasion.”

Source: CNN.News


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