The short answer: Because as soon as it’s out on shelves, it’s gone.

Boots, the largest pharmacy chain in the UK, finds itself on the front lines of supplying a panicked public trying to hoard supplies.

“There is stock available,” says Tracey Clements, chief operating officer for Boots in the UK and Ireland. In stores, it’s likely to arrive “little and often.”

Demand for hand sanitizer last week was up 650% over the same time last year. For hand soap, it was up 958%.

At the Nottingham warehouse that supplies all 2,500 Boots pharmacies in the UK and Ireland, CNN’s Nina Dos Santos saw staff unload pallet after pallet of soap and paracetamol.

The company says it’s hiring back seasonal workers it normally uses for the Christmas season. It is also sourcing new suppliers abroad and buying in new brands.

Still, when we visited a large Boots just miles from the warehouse, in downtown Nottingham, there was no hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol, or thermometers.

“Customers may find that we have it for a part of the day but not the whole of the day,” Clements says. “But we continue to try to procure as much as possible.”

Like everyone, they’re learning as they go.

“We need to accept that in this type of situation, there is no – you can’t be perfect. You have to make decisions that you believe are right.”

Source: CNN News


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