Israel’s Ministry of Health has instructed people to avoid leaving the home unless absolutely necessary and to avoid public transportation entirely if possible.

The new instructions bring Israel one step closer to a full lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus, though Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not yet enforced such stringent limitations.

The new instructions also encourage Israelis not to travel to meet with family members but instead to catch up over the phone or through video calls.

“These are not simple instructions,” said Ministry of Health Director-General Moshe Bar Siman Tov in a video posted on Twitter with the latest instructions. “We ask you to reduce as much as possible the number of times you leave your home. It is possible that anywhere you go, there could be someone who is sick [with coronavirus] who could infect you. It is possible that you are sick and you still don’t know, and you could infect someone else.”

“We may be about to enter a difficult period with the coronavirus. Our ability to succeed depends on your conduct and ours.”

President Reuven Rivlin urged Israelis to heed the latest instructions for the health of the country.

“We must not turn these days into leisure days,” he said in a video statement, continuing, “I hear that our beaches and our hiking trails are bursting. The danger is real! Let me ask you again to follow the instructions with regard to distancing, and to refrain from gatherings. This is a real danger.”

Source: CNN News


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