Airbus said Tuesday that it will “temporarily pause production and assembly activities” at sites in France and Spain for the next four days as part of efforts to contain Europe’s coronavirus outbreak.

“This is meant to allow sufficient time to implement stringent health and safety conditions in terms of hygiene, cleaning and self-distancing,” the company said in a statement.

The planemaker said it is providing employees affected by school and childcare closures with “a maximum of flexibility,” including allowing remote working.

Airbus employs 12,700 people in Spain and 48,000 people in France. It also has a significant presence in the United Kingdom and Germany, which is home to 27 of its largest operations employing more than 46,000 people.

The company also has facilities in Russia, Turkey, Finland, Poland and Romania.

Global aviation has come under intense pressure from the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced countries around the world to impose severe travel restrictions. Airlines have seen demand for flights evaporate, and many could now require government bailouts.

Source: CNN


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