The UK government is walking a tightrope in its response to the coronavirus outbreak 

On one hand, it is doing everything it can to keep the public calm, and delay taking the most drastic measures to prevent the spread until absolutely necessary. 

On the other, it is scrambling to let the British public know that it’s taking this pandemic seriously. 

Over the weekend, public criticism that the government’s response had been less drastic than that of other countries — and accusations that it was playing roulette with the nation’s health — led to confusing briefings from government officials. And those briefings in some cases seemed to directly contradict what Prime Minister Boris Johnson had told the nation in a high-profile press conference days earlier.

Over the weekend, suggestions that over-70s would be placed in lengthy quarantine and that public gatherings could soon be banned caused confusion among the public, soon after the prime minister had urged the public to remain calm and explained why these measures were not being taken immediately. 

Source: CNN News


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