The situation in France is “deteriorating very quickly,” the head of the country’s public health authority said in a radio interview this morning.

Jerome Salomon said that the coronavirus epidemic was “very quick,” with the number of cases currently doubling “every three days.””The epidemic in France is very worrying,” he said. “The situation concerns children as well as elders.”

Salomon did specify that there were relatively few cases concerning children.

“We can all counter the epidemic by respecting the measures, the barrier measures that French people know but that they’re not applying now,” he said.

French measures: France has closed restaurants, cafes, cinemas and clubs, and issued a ban on large gatherings to contain the spread of the virus. More than half of the country’s 300 coronavirus patients in intensive care are under the age of 60, Salomon said on Saturday.

There are more than 5,300 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in France, including 127 deaths, according to the World Health Organization.

Source: CNN News


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