Oxford researchers show what it looks like to ‘flatten the curve’


Researchers from the University of Oxford have released a new study showing how countries with older populations are particularly at risk of having their health care systems overwhelmed. 

“Our illustrations suggest that countries with older populations will need to take more aggressive protective measures to stay below the threshold of critical cases that outstrip health system capacity,” Professor Jennifer Dowd tweeted as part of a thread on the study.

She added that the data they analyzed showed “some real-world evidence of ‘flattening the curve.'” The study compared two Italian cities — Bergamo and Lodi — and how their different responses (Bergamo was slower to react than Lodi) led to a divergence in reported cases.

8/12 We find some real-world evidence of “flattening the curve” in the province of Lodi where harsh movement restrictions were enacted quickly (Feb 23rd) vs later in Bergamo (March 8th).  #flatteningthecurve pic.twitter.com/lzhcHEvjBi

— Jenn Dowd (@drjenndowd) March 15, 2020

Source : NBC News


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