O’Hare International Airport responds to long lines issue


In a series of tweets, O’Hare International Airport thanked passengers for their patience during the “longer than usual” customs processing occuring at the airport Saturday. 

Passengers arriving from overseas reported having to wait hours in long lines at the Chicago area airport. 

“So it took 3 hours to get through customs, it took another 2 hours to get through the health check and then it took another hour to get through the CDC and then all they do is they find someone to pair you with, scan your temperature real quick, ask how you feel and send you on your way.” said passenger Emma Reusch who flew in from Portugal. 

The airport attributed the longer wait times to the “enhanced #COVID19 screening for passengers arriving from Europe.”

In one tweet the airport announced they were looking for more support from federal partners saying: “We have strongly encouraged our federal partners to increase staffing to meet demand.”

During the delay, airport personnel and the Chicago police department were on hand to distribute water and snacks to travelers who were waiting to be processed, said the airport’s tweet. 

Source : CNN


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