Austria ramps up movement restrictions


    Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz escalated the country’s responses to the coronavirus pandemic on Sunday.

    Kurz announced major restrictions on movement in public spaces, urging Austrians to self-isolate. He also banned gatherings completely and put further limits on who can enter the country. 

    The measures will be based on a special law to be passed by the Austrian Parliament on Sunday, a government spokesperson told CNN.  

    “We have already announced that Austria must shut down to an emergency operation. We will also have to take further measures. Public gatherings will be completely prohibited for the time being,” Kurz said on Twitter.

    The freedom of movement will be “massively restricted.” Sports grounds, playgrounds and other public meeting places will be closed completely.

    Starting Tuesday, restaurants in Austria will be closed.

    Entry requirements to Austria will be tightened further. Travellers from the UK, the Netherlands, Russia and Ukraine will no longer be allowed to enter Austria directly.

    Flight connections to these countries will be discontinued.

    In order to secure supplies in the long term, the retirement of military personnel is halted and a special task force will support the police.

    Austria’s Ministry of Health said Sunday there were a total of 800 confirmed coronavirus cases in the country. So far one death has been reported.

    Source : CNN


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