The European Parliament is stepping up its efforts to help tackle the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in Europe, which is now the center of the global pandemic.

The Parliament’s President David Sassoli said Saturday the “serious” nature of the situation requires a collective response, as opposed to unilateral action. 

He said:

This situation is so serious that no European government could think of responding alone…to save our countries, we must act together in Europe.
All European countries will receive support for their health systems. This means the supply of materials, support to hospitals, and financing research to develop a vaccine as soon as possible.

According to Sassoli, the new measures will also include commitments to safeguard and protect jobs and businesses, while sustaining the European economy.

“Enough with austerity. Countries are authorized to spend everything that is necessary to guarantee support for employees, self-employed workers, businesses, and banks,” Sassoli said.

The EU has earmarked at least 37 billion euros ($41.2 billion) from the budget for programs designed to help European states tackle the economic impact of the crisis.

Source: CNN


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