Source: CNN

The mayor of New Rochelle — the New York City suburb that is inside a containment zone — said the National Guard’s purpose in the community is to assist with operations and logistics including the delivery of meals to public school students, the distribution of supplies, cleaning public facilities.

While they are in uniform, they are unarmed and driving around in rented mini vans, Noam Bramson said.

He added it’s not as though the community is under “lock down” or “martial law” but adds we are “facing a serious challenge and our community is rising to the occasion” “The National Guard is not here to maintain a sort of perimeter,” he said on CNN’s New day

He describes the containment zone as “an area within which large gatherings within large institutions are prohibited which is a sensible means of mitigating the spread of the virus in an area which has a high concentration of positive tests”

He added “it’s not an exclusion zone, it’s not a quarantine zone.” 

His message to the community this weekend is to moreover practice “common sense public health practices” 

When asked if people should dine in restaurants, he said while he and his family dined out yesterday in the heart of the containment zone to support the local community “everyone needs to make a decision based on their own circumstances”

“It’s about striking the right balance.”


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