The United Nations Human Rights Council is suspending its annual meeting in Geneva due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Council’s President Austria’s Ambassador Elisabeth Tichy-Fisselberger announced earlier today. 

“This week we had taken new measures almost every day to create a safe environment for the continuation of the Human Rights Council. There was a bureau’s meeting every day and we took increasingly restrictive measures like moving the whole Council from Room 20 to Assembly Hall, restricting the number of seats given to delegations, restricting the number of NGOs who had access,” she said. 

Tichy-Fisselberger continued: “But yesterday, when WHO declared this is a pandemic which stretched to well over 100 countries and when we also had recommendations by the Swiss authorities, by UNOG and actually a lot of worries from various delegations we said the responsible thing now is to suspend the session in an orderly way, as we say.”

Source: CNN News


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