The government is expected to announce that it is stepping up its response to the coronavirus.

It is anticipated the UK will switch to tactics aimed at delaying its spread, rather than containing it, when the government’s emergency committee meets.

It comes after the World Health Organization labelled the outbreak of the disease as a pandemic.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has suspended travel to the US from 26 European countries – but not the UK or Ireland.

The US president said the “strong but necessary restrictions” would come into effect on Friday, and last 30 days.

There are now 460 confirmed cases in the UK – 387 in England, 36 in Scotland, 18 in Northern Ireland and 19 in Wales. In all, 27,476 people have been tested so far.

Earlier, a cabinet minister was confirmed as being in self-isolation while awaiting test results after coming into contact with minister Nadine Dorries, who has tested positive for the virus.

In Italy, the government is to force all shops except food stores and pharmacies to close as the country strengthens its lockdown due to the virus.

Source: BBC News


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