Private jet companies have seen a surge in demand in the hours since the Europe travel ban was announced by President Trump.

Adam Twidell, CEO of on-demand private jet charter provider PrivateFly, says the company is receiving a “significant number of requests” from Americans currently in Europe who are seeking to return to the US, as well as those who want to fly from Europe to the UK, which is exempt from the ban at present.

Remember: The ban Trump announced last night applies only to foreign nationals — and not American citizens and permanent residents who’d be screened before entering the country.

Still there was confusion after the announcement, prompting people to reach out to private jet companies.

“Overall the inquiries we’re getting are from people very concerned to get their families back together as soon as possible, given how rapidly the situation is developing,” Twidell tells CNN.

PrivateFly, along with similar providers, had already noted a boost in bookings due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has resulted in the cancellation of thousands of flights.

Last week, US-based Paramount Business Jets revealed they were experiencing anywhere from 100% to 300% increases for charter requests depending on the region.

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cr CNN News


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