Clay Bentley is under quarantine in a hospital in Rome, Georgia, which is just outside Atlanta. He spoke with CNN this morning from his hospital room.

“It’s been a long road. But I’m getting through it. I’m improving daily,” he told CNN

He said he went to the hospital when he first started feeling sick — but when a flu test came back negative, staffers sent him home. He went back when he kept getting worse, and he was initially diagnosed with coronavirus.

He said he’s been given fluids, antibiotics and breathing treatments.

Bentley said he hopes more people will be tested so the community can contain the spread.

“You know, this is what I see, instead of dealing with it, doing the testing and testing the people that need to be tested, everybody’s running in fear,” he said. “I feel like everybody’s running in mass hysteria trying to take care of things instead of finding the people who need to be tested and let’s take care of the problem.”

Source: CNN


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