Plymouth couple postpone Italy wedding


    A bride-to-be says she is “devastated” at having to postpone her wedding in Italy due to coronavirus fears.

    Katie Rawlings and Lee Rymell were set to marry at Lake Como on 29 May.

    But after emergency coronavirus measures, including travel restrictions and a ban on public gatherings, were extended to the entire country, the Plymouth couple decided to postpone it.

    “We’d been keeping an eye on it, getting more nervous, but last weekend we made the call,” Ms Rawlings said.

    The couple, who had 40 guests due to fly out with them, had been planning the wedding for a year but took the decision because of “all the uncertainty”.

    “We’ve been thinking ‘do we hang on and see if the quarantine period is extended? Or do we bite the bullet now?’,” Ms Rawlings said.

    “We figured with this lockdown and my gut feeling of the impending lockdown of the UK, it’s just too risky.”

    Source: BBC News


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