Three new coronavirus cases have been confirmed in Thailand, the country’s Ministry of Health said Tuesday.

Thai authorities have confirmed 53 patients to date, 33 of whom have recovered and been discharged from the hospital.

The new cases are all Thai nationals, said Dr. Sophon Iamsirithawon, the director for the Health Ministry’s Division for Communicable Disease.

  • One of the cases is a 41-year-old Thai woman who had been in close contact with another confirmed case. She has no record of traveling abroad.
  • The 51st case is a Thai woman, aged 41. She had close contact with the 45th confirmed case. She has no record of traveling abroad.
  • The other two cases are a husband and wife, ages 46 and 47, respectively. The wife had just traveled to Italy. Both are in good condition.

A group of 188 Thai workers who have returned from South Korea, where thousands have been infected, are in quarantine at a naval base.

Source: CNN


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