North Korea is enacting more measures to prevent coronavirus’ spread


North Korea says it is putting stricter measures in place to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, according to a report carried in the country’s state-run news outlet KCNA.

Disinfection and ventilation measures have been instituted at places of quarantine which have also been “tightly closed.”

The report also mentions several increased restrictions on collection and containment of human waste, including preventing vessels under quarantine from throwing sewage into North Korean territorial waters.

So far, North Korea has not publicly reported any cases of the virus, though many experts doubt North Korea has been completely spared. Experts worry that an epidemic in the country would be incredibly dangerous, due to its crumbling health care infrastructure and limited medical supplies.

Foreign diplomats in the country were evacuated yesterday after undergoing mandatory quarantine in the capital, Pyongyang, a source on the flight told CNN.  

The source agreed to speak to CNN on condition of anonymity, due to the sensitivity of the situation.  

Source : CNN


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