China has unveiled its first ‘intelligent’ makeshift coronavirus hospital, which sees 5G-powered robots providing round-the-clock care for patients.

Six different types of droids have taken up posts at the facility to reduce medics’ heavy workload and prevent cross-infection between doctors and patients, according to Chinese media.

The high-tech programme was launched last Saturday at the Wuchang field hospital in Wuhan, Hubei Province of central China.  

The intelligent machines can take patients’ temperature and deliver meals to them. They can also patrol and disinfect hospital areas.

A video shows one robot named Ginger, leading a dance routine with a group of hazmat-clad medics while the quarantined patients watch their performance.

The 5G-equipped network also allows the doctors to use the stats-collecting robots and receive live updates of the patients remotely.

This came after the makeshift hospitals in Wuhan, built during the coronavirus outbreak, had required advanced technology to improve their efficiency, according to reports.

The use of the self-driving and self-charging machines could cut down the workload of medics and reduce the risks of cross-infection, according to officials.

Over 3,000 medical staff in Hubei Province have been infected with the deadly disease since the outbreak, according to Chinese officials. 

On February 28, Hubei officials teamed up with Chinese Academy of Sciences to deliver the project.



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