Fifty people tied to a single call center in the South Korean capital of Seoul have contracted the novel coronavirus, health authorities there said.

It is believed to be the biggest single infection cluster in Seoul. Most of the 7,513 coronavirus cases reported in South Korea have been in the southern city of Daegu and surrounding North Gyeongsang province. Fifty-four people have died in the outbreak..

Kwon Joon-wook, the vice-director of the South Korean Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said at a Tuesday news conference that 46 employees and four related family members had been infected. The first case began showing symptoms on March 4.

The employees of the call center were not wearing masks when they were working, according to Kwon.

Health authorities are now conducting an epidemiological investigation on all 207 employees of the call center who were working on the same floor.

The building where the call center is located was closed and disinfected on Monday and an inspection center has been set up on the ground floor for residents and employees to be screened for the novel coronavirus, according to the Seoul city government.

Source: CNN


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