Even as there were signs of improvement in Asia — with China too continuing a decline in the number of new daily cases — the situation in Europe appears to be worsening.

Sweeping quarantine measures in Northern Italy: Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed a decree early Sunday that put millions of people across northern Italy on lockdown. The largely unprecedented move puts the entire Lombardy region, as well as 14 other provinces, under travel restrictions.

While the lockdown only applies to northern Italy, other measures will be applied to the entire country. These include the suspension of schools, university classes, theaters and cinemas, as well as bars, nightclubs, and sports events. Religious ceremonies, including funerals, will also be suspended.

Things look dire across Europe as well: In neighboring France, the number of cases has grown to over 1,100, with at least 19 deaths. Germany and Spain have both also reported hundreds of cases.

Germany saw a big jump in numbers over the weekend — an increase of nearly 200 cases from Saturday to Sunday, raising the national total to 847.

Source: CNN


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