A university in Germany’s Rhineland-Palatinate state has closed due to coronavirus fears, marking the first such instance in the country.

The WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management, one of Europe’s top business schools, issued a statement announcing its Vallendar campus would be closed this week.

“By order of the Mayen Koblenz Health authority, our campus must close until March 13, 2020. The closure of the campus is a precautionary measure that will help the Mayen Koblenz Health Department to identify possible infection chains,’’ the statement said.

The statement added that no lectures, conferences or other events on the Vallendar campus will take place during the next week.

Schools on high alert: In parts of Asia, schools have been suspended for weeks now, with students taking classes online using digital learning tools.

Even in other places, schools and universities are wary of the virus — Columbia University in New York announced today that it would suspend classes today and tomorrow, to allow the university “to prepare to shift to remote classes for the remainder of the week.”

Source: CNN


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