Cruise ships attempting to enter Puerto Rico must first certify that there are no coronavirus cases on board, said Gov. Wanda Vazquez Garced in a tweet Sunday. 

In the tweet, Garced said “any cruise ship that intends to enter Puerto Rico has to confirm that it has no passengers on board with suspicious cases and meets the federal government’s symptoms and travel history criteria regarding Covid-19.”

The US territory currently has no confirmed cases of the coronavirus.

Global cruise ship crisis: This comes after multiple cruise ships were suspected or found to have the coronavirus on board.

First and best-known is the Princess Diamond cruise ship, which was docked under quarantine for weeks in Japan after many on board were found infected.

Then, the World Dream ship was quarantined in Hong Kong after former passengers on a previous journey tested positive. Finally, all passengers were allowed to disembark the ship after testing negative.

But these incidents sparked fear — the Westerdam cruise ship found itself denied entry into Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines before Cambodia finally allowed the ship to dock and its passengers to disembark.

And now, the Grand Princess is docked under quarantine off the California coast, with 21 people on board confirmed with coronavirus.

Source: CNN


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