Thailand requires travelers from South Korea, China, Iran and Italy to self-isolate for 14 days


    Thailand will now require travelers from South Korea, China, Iran and Italy to self-quarantine for 14 days and report their health daily to authorities, Thanarak Plipat, Thailand’s Deputy Director General of the Department of Disease Control, said at a press briefing.

    Thais or foreigners who have traveled from those four countries will be asked to register their information with Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health (MOPH). They will then need to give daily check-ins over the 14 days, which can be done via an app.

    “They can tell their daily conditions if they have any fever, cough or sore throat. If they have we can quickly get in and take care of them. They have to report themselves every day,” Plipat said.

    If they fail to do so, a state mandatory quarantine can be enforced, Plipat said. Those who fail to report or who report false information can be punished under the Communicable Disease Act.

    Under the current act, anyone aware of people suspected of being infected with the novel coronavirus is required to inform communicable disease control officials within three hours. Violators are fined up to 20,000 baht ($4,949).

    In addition, all travelers must self-isolate and not go outside, by either staying at home or if they are tourists, staying in their hotels or temporary accommodation for 14 days, Plipat added.

    “If they are willing to cooperate, there should not be any issue,” Plipat said.

    Source: CNN


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