Princess Cruises cancels LA journey after no-sail order


Princess Cruises has cancelled its Royal Princess cruise out of Los Angeles, after the CDC issued a “no-sail order” until one of the ship’s crew members has been tested for Novel Coronavirus, according to a Tweet from Princess Cruises.

According to the cruise line, one of the crew members, who previously served on Grand Princess, was transferred to Royal Princess 15 days ago.

More than 3,500 people aboard the Grand Princess have been stuck on that cruise ship for days, after their two-week journey was interrupted on its return leg Wednesday, when officials learned that a California man who’d traveled on that ship last month contracted coronavirus and died this week.

After Princess Cruises shared the information about the transferred crew member with the CDC, the CDC initially approved clearance for the Royal Princess to sail on Saturday, with no restrictions placed on the vessel.

However, late Saturday afternoon, the CDC informed the cruise line of their decision to issue a “no-sail order” until the crew member was tested for Novel Coronavirus, Princess Cruises said.

According to the cruise line, they were unable to obtain a test for the crew member, and “due to the unknown timing of obtaining the test and results or anticipated response,” the cruise was cancelled.

Princess Cruises says the crew member, who had no known contact or exposure to other guests or crew who were sick on the Grand Princess, is past the maximum incubation of Novel Coronavirus, has been evaluated, and has never developed any respiratory symptoms or fever.

Source: CNN News

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