NHS will get whatever it needs, says chancellor


    The NHS will get “whatever resources it needs” to cope with a coronavirus epidemic, Chancellor Rishi Sunak has said ahead of Wednesday’s Budget.

    He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show “strong” economic foundations meant he could provide additional funding.

    The chancellor also said he was looking at extra financial help for individuals and businesses if measures against the virus meant they were out of pocket.

    “People shouldn’t be penalised for doing the right thing,” he said.

    As of Sunday morning, there have been 211 positive tests for coronavirus in the UK – as two more were confirmed in Wales – and two deaths.

    Mr Sunak has pledged to address the outbreak in his first Budget and said the impact of the virus on business “could be significant, but for a temporary period of time”.

    He said: “I can say absolutely, categorically, the NHS will get whatever resources it needs to get us through this crisis.”

    More at BBC News


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