Here’s what northern Italy’s lockdown looks like


    Italy’s drastic lockdown of its northern regions has left virtually all public events and gatherings closed.

    Here’s a handful of the steps taken in the country’s so-called red zone, which consists of the Lombardy region and 14 other provinces:

    • People with a respiratory infection and fever above 37.5 Celsius are strongly recommended to remain home
    • Those tested positive for the coronavirus, but not hospitalized, are strictly prohibited to move from their homes
    • Sport competition and events are suspended. Professional athletes can continue their training, but competitions must be held behind closed doors
    • Employers are recommended to assign holidays or ordinary leave to their employees
    • Skiing activities are closed
    • Cultural events, museums, cinemas, theaters, pubs, bingo halls and night clubs are shut
    • Nurseries schools, schools and universities lessons are suspended 
    • Churches are open if they can avoid crowds gathering. Civil and religious ceremonies (mass, marriages, baptism), including funerals, are suspended
    • Restaurants and bars can be opened from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., and only if they can guarantee a meter’s distance between each client
    • Holidays for medical personnel are suspended
    • Malls and markets will be closed on weekends and during the week they have to grant a meter distance between clients. Pharmacies, groceries and other food stores don’t have to close during the weekend, but they are still requested to grant a meter’s distance between clients
    • Sport centers, gyms, swimming pools and wellness centers are closed

    Source: CNN


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